Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Tori Girl is Two!!

Newborn Tori
One year old Tori

Two year old Tori
Today Torilynn turns two years old. Tori is such a sweet girl and an absolute joy to have in our family. I love watching her grow and seeing her personality develop.
In celebration of Tori's Birthday here is some info about her:
1) Tori is stubborn and strong willed and I love this about her (well some of the time ;))
2) Sometimes I forget that Tori is just barely 2 because she communicates very well.
3) Tori is a great sister. Landon is her best friend (even though they fight often) and she adores Ella.
4)Tori has definitely entered the terrible twos. She is usually a sweet calm girl but when she throws a fit, she really throws a fit.
5)Tori knows most of her letters and some of their corresponding sounds
6) Tori is fascinated with rocks and sticks. Whenever we are outside she collects rocks and the other day while at the park Tori picked up a stick and exclaimed "Look Mom, a magic stick!"
7) According to Tori, she likes babies, mommy, daddy, Landon, Ella, puppies, and soccer (I don't know where soccer came from she has never played soccer )
8) Tori is a great eater. One day, around dinner time, she came up to me and said "I want meat!"
9) Tori is funny and I love to hear what comes out of her mouth.