Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tori's First Haicut

On Thursday Tori got her very first hair cut. I was really nervous to take her in and get it cut but I think it turned out pretty cute. After debating different hairstyles I finally decided to just even it all out (so it looks like a cute little bob) and I passed on the bangs (I just can't bring myself to have her bangs cut).
Before (sorry the picture isn't good but it is the best I could find of a before shot):

It really doesn't look all that different from the front but it is a lot shorter in the back. There was one person at church today who did comment on the haircut so at least I'm not the only one who can tell a difference :).
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Gap Sale...

From today until the 26th you can get an extra 25% off of all Baby (and toddler)Gap sale items by typing in the code BABY. This code is only good for their sale items and not good for anything that is regular price. They have some cute things on sale right now so it might be worth a look.
ETA: Here are some pictures of some of the cute clothes they have on sale!

Baby Boy (0-3 months - 18-24 months):
Baby Girl (0-3 months - 18-24 months):
Toddler Boy (12-18 months- 5T):
I love these khaki pants. Landon has a pair and I would have bought him another pair for next year but they only have size 12-18 months.
Toddler Girl (12-18 months - 5T):

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some More....

I got some more of the Easter pictures back today and I thought I'd share a few more that I really liked.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Pictures!!

My super talented friend Lillian took some Easter pictures of the kids for me last week and they turned out amazing!!! I love them so much and I am anxious to get some printed out to replace the ones hanging on my wall right now. Thank you so much Lillian the pictures are beautiful!!!
We'll start with Landon this picture has to be my favorite picture of Landon ever , isn't he so handsome?
Now to Tori:
And Ella: I love baby feet. So cute!!!

Here are some of the kids together:

Friday, April 17, 2009


My friend Jodi has this great blog where she posts tutorials on how to make some really cute crafts. I usually look at the crafts and think that they are really cute but way to advanced for me to attempt. The other day though she posted a tutorial for these super cute skirts and as I was reading through the tutorial I decided they would be easy enough for me to make. So this Tuesday my friend Lillian and I decided to give the skirts a try and I think that they turned out really cute. My sewing skills are super lacking so the skirts are far from perfect but I learned a lot and I am going to try to improve my skills and make another set of skirts for my girls to wear on the 4th of July (I already bought the fabric and it is really cute!) So if any of you have daughters, nieces, grand daughters, little sisters, etc. and want to make them a really cute easy skirt I would recommend this tutorial (the tutorial is for a skirt for a child around the age of 5 but I modified the directions to fit a 1-2 year old so if you want my measurements for a 1-2 year old just ask!).

This picture of Ella cracks me up!