Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

I love going to church on Easter Sunday and seeing all of the kids dressed up in their new Easter clothes. Because General Conference falls on Easter this year I will have to wait until next Sunday to see all the cute Easter outfits, but that is OK . I was able to go out on Friday and take some pictures of my kids in their Easter garb. Enjoy and I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!I was not able to get a great picture of all three kids together, Tori looks a little goofy in this picture, of well

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Fun!

This past week has been full of fun Easter activities. On Thursday we died Easter Eggs and on Friday we had an Easter Egg hunt with our friends the Wilkins. Landon and Tori loved dying Easter eggs. They were much more into this year then they were last year. It ended up being pretty messy but the kids had fun and the dye washed right off so it was worth it. I think the Easter Egg Hunt was a success. All the kids figured out the concept of collecting eggs quickly and everyone seemed to be satisfied with what they collected. Tori was mostly interested in eating the chocolate Landon collected most of the eggs, but he was willing to share with the girls.