Sunday, August 31, 2008

Those were the days....

Because I recently scanned these on to my computer and because I love Summer so much, here are some pictures from the day Jared and I got married... I hope you all enjoy.

On a completely unrelated note here are pictures of me, Landon, Tori and Ella all from the day we were blessed. See any similarities?

Kerstin on her blessing day:
Landon o his blessing day:
Torilynn on her blessing day:Ellalyn on her blessing day:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Best Friends

I was going through some of my old pictures and it made me think back on my life. One thing that really stuck me as I was thinking is that I have always been blessed with really good friends . My friends have really helped shape me into the person I am today so I'd like to do a little tribute to some of the best friends I have had throughout my life.
Jodi is the first best friend I remember having. From the time I was three until I was about 8 my family lived in California. My family and Jodi's family were really close so I spent a good portion of my young childhood playing with Jodi. Our favorite thing to do was play Barbies. We would play for hours and hours at a time. Even when I was a teenager and I came to visit Jodi we would still get out the Barbies and play. Jodi was and is such a great friend. I love that I am still able to keep in touch with her and her cute little family!
I met Kelsea at church shortly after I moved from California to Las Vegas. She was two years older then me but that didn't keep us from becoming fast friends. I have so many great memories from the good times we shared together. I am surprised our parents made it through our preteen and teenage years without killing us because Kelsea and I were always up to mischief. Kelsea is one of my favorite people to spend time with because she always makes me laugh. When my family moved to Mississippi when I was 17 and I stayed behind in Las Vegas, Kelsea was the person that helped me get through it. She kept me busy so I didn't miss my family so much.
I met her through my cousin Theresa and in 7th grade we had a bunch of classes together. We became fast friends and our friendship only grew throughout high school. Stacey and I were roommates out freshman year of college at BYU and we had the time of our lives. Stacey has always been such a great example to me. She is so smart, funny, cute, and kind and she always tried her hardest to be best person that she can be.
I have known Theresa my whole life because she is my cousin. When we were younger we fought A LOT, usually over silly things like who could cut straighter and whose siblings were cuter. As we have gotten older we have become better and better friends. Theresa makes sure to keep in touch with me and lets me know what is going on in her life. I love this because sometimes I get lonely here and I miss conversing with friends. I am so grateful to have Theresa not only as my cousin but also as my friend.

No best friends list would be complete without mentioning my ultimate best friend Jared. I feel so blessed to be married to my best friend and there is no one I'd rather spend this life and the next with.

I really appriciate all the friends I have had throughout my life. I think it is so great to have things like blogs where I can check and see how all of you are doing. It makes me so happy to see the people that you all have become!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home again and Senior Pictures

We arrived home yesterday afternoon. The flight went as well as can be expected with three kids three and under. Jeremiah was a great help and I am so glad I had him with me to help with the kids. We were all so excited to get home to Jared, but I think Landon was the most excited. He kept saying "I'm going on a airplane to see Daddy" to anyone who would listen. We had a great trip and I want to thank our fmailies for a great time, great hospitality, and help with the kids. We love you all so much and we wish that we could see you more often. Here is a picture of the kids with my Dad Joann and my brothers (minus Brent).
I meant to get a picture with the kids and Jared's family but we were having so much fun that it completely slipped my mind on the day I was going to do it. Sorry guys.
While I was down in Vegas I took my younger brother Ben's senior pictures. I did my sisters a few years ago and my brother thought it would be fun to do his. I think they turned out pretty good. I can't believe Ben is going to be a Senior this year and that in a little over a year he will be leaving on his mission.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Wedding Pics

My Dad got the picture back from the photographer from my sisters wedding the other day. I figured that since Jared wanted to see what my dress looked like and I rarely post pics of myself on this blog, I would post some of the pictures of ME from the wedding. I know that my kids are much cuter then I am so I will throw in some pictures of them also.
Me, Cynthia, and my goofy brothers (minus Brent) at the Temple
My memory of the evening of Cynthia's wedding includes three grouchy kids and one very grouchy Mom but apparently my kids did take some time to have fun together.
What cute kids. How did I get so lucky?

All my Dad and Joann's grandkids. I love the face that Mr. Orange (aka Brighton, my nephew, the one with red hair) is making, so cute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun in Vegas

We have really been enjoying ourselves here in Vegas. It has been great visiting family and the kids have loved all the extra attention. The kids (read Landon and Tori) have loved all the outside time.
Landon enjoyed playing with the hose.
The kids have also had a great time playing with their Aunts and Uncles (I am sorry to the Aunts/Uncles who have not yet been featured in any of my Vegas posts thus far)

Landon asked to hold Ella today and I thought this was a cute picture.

We have had such a great time in Vegas and we will be sad to leave on Sunday, but my sadness is overshadowed by the excitement I have to get back home. I missed Jared so much and it will be nice to be home again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome Home Jeremiah!

Yesterday Jeremiah, Jared's younger brother, returned home from his mission. We went to airport to pick him up and we are so excited to have him home.
Tori waiting to meet her Uncle.
The signs
Ashley excited to see Jeremiah
He couldn't stop smiling, it was cute.
Mother and Son
Dad, Jeremiah, and Ashley Landon and his Uncle BubI thought this was sweet.

I can't believe it has already been two years, we are so happy to have Jeremiah home!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cynthia's Wedding

My little sister got married today. I can't believe that she is married, but I am really happy for her. She looked so beautiful and she had the most beautiful dress. My kids also looked super cute in their wedding attire. It was a long day and my kids crashed once we got back to Jared's parents house. I am also really tired but for some reason I am up writing this blog. Anyway I am just going to skip to the pictures, enjoy. Landon looked so handsome! Pretty Girl! Sweet Girl!