Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

As the year 2007 comes to a close I decided to reflect on the year through pictures. I hope you all enjoy the slideshow and Happy New Year! (Thanks Kristen and Summer for giving me this idea, I hope you don't mind that I stole it from you ;))

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Play Time!

Over the past couple weeks I have been able to take some cute pictures of my kids playing. Since Jared is in Chicago today and I am bored I think I will post them for you....Landon loves playing in boxes, unfortunatly for his little sister he also loves making her play with them by sticking them over her head (she does not like that so much).Tori does like to ride in the box "train" with Landon though, so it isn't all bad for her...
The other day I actually got Landon to play in the snow for like an hour. How you ask, I let him paint the snow....
The end result (we used food coloring water and spray bottles. This was actually really fun, I think I had just as much fun as Landon did).
Tori loves bouncing in her bouncer! Landon and Tori enjoying their Christmas present.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day!

Well Christmas was really great this year! Yesterday afternoon we got a call from Jared's brother Jeremiah who is serving a mission. Jared had a great time talking to him. We then spent the night eating yummy food and singing christmas carols. I was really suprised how much Landon enjoyed himself. Today I woke up bright and early and gave my brother Matt a call. He is also on his mission. It was so nice talking to him, I really miss him and I can't waite for him to get home in a few months. Landon woke up around 8:30 and got really excited when he saw the ball house that santa had brough him and Tori. they played in there for a few minutes until it was time to open presents. Landon wanted to keep playing but once he saw Tori "opening" presents he wanted to open them too. He loved it! He kept opening presents and saying "Wow look at this" it was really cute. We spent about an hour opening gifts and have been playing ever since. I love spending Christmas with Landon this year, he really made it magical for me again. I hope that all of you also had a great holiday! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas!

OK due to many reasons that included having no printer, lack of finances, and being a complete slacker I did not get our Christmas cards sent out this year. I am really sorry but next year I will do better I promise. So instead I decide to post a list of some of the things that I have learned in 2007....

1. Reno really became our home while we lived there. I never thought I would miss it but I really do.

2. Moving across the country is a very stressful process. I am really thankful for a patient husband and loving children who put up with me for the first few months after we moved here. They are the best!

3. Because I have the gospel in my life I have family no matter where I go. I am so thankful to the folks in the Elkhart 2nd ward who have been nothing but kind and loving. I really am glad that we are here at this time in our lives.

4. Jared and I have the best families in the world. I guess I have always known this but this year they have been especially helpful. Thank you all for all that you guys do for us. We love you all so much!

5. Potty Training was not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Now hopefully I haven't jinxed myself for horrible experiences in the future.

6. There really is such thing as the terrible twos. Landon has really tried my patience this year but his two year old stage has also been really fun. It is so neat to watch your children grow and learn new things.

7. Having 2 kids is more fun then having just one. It is true that having two kids is harder then having just one but I think that the benefits way out weigh the negative. There is nothing that I love more then watching my children interact with each other.

There are a lot of other things that I have learned over the past year but this is all I can think of right now. I hope that you all are having a great Holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Fun

Landon loves to share things with Tori.....Sometimes I wish he didn't.

Winter is a time for fun in the snow....Apparently Landon does not agree...

OK so despite Landon giving Tori a candy cane and Landon freaking out at the snow this morning this week was pretty fun. Yesterday we made some sugar cookies and had our ward party. We had delicious food, LOTS of people, and Santa at the ward party. It has been snowing pretty much non stop since yesterday morning so church was cancelled. We spent sometime outside shoveling the snow and as you can see Landon was not a big fan. Oh well he will learn to love it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Favorite Things about Torilynn

5. She sleeps through the night. Torilynn started sleeping through the night when she was about 3 months old and it is really nice. Sleeping through the night = Happy mommy :)
4. She is beautiful. I know that every mom thinks their children are beautiful and I am no exception. Tori has some great features that I just love. She has a cute dimple, pretty eyes, and while she doesn't have much of it yet her hair is really great. In some lights it looks golden blond, in others light brown, and in others strawberry blond. I am really surprised that she doesn't have the white blond hair that Landon has but I am excited to see what it looks like as it grows out.
3. She is fun to dress. I really enjoy this stage where I can dress her in whatever I want because I know in a few years she is not going to let me do this anymore.
2. She loves her brother. Landon can make Tori smile and laugh more then any other person. I really love watching them play together.
1. She is easy going. Tori is just a sweet, content, easy going baby. I love her so much and I am glad that she is my daughter.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let it Snow!

Last night we got our first "real" snow of the season (I say "real" because it snowed the day after Thanksgiving but it wasn't much). A couple of weeks ago I went out and bought Landon some snow gear so that he could play in the snow this year. This morning after Landon ate breakfast we went and played in the snow. Landon had a lot of fun stomping through and kicking the snow. At one point he feel down into the snow and wanted to go back inside. Overall it was fun I am going to get some gloves for myself so that we can build a snowman, it should be fun. Here are some pics:Oh and here is a Picture of Tori, just because she's cute :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

My Favorite things about Landon...

5. He thinks he is so sneaky. The other night, well after he was put down to bed, Landon walks out into the living room with the biggest smile on his face. He starts playing around like we would never notice that he left his room when he was supposed to be in bed. Jared and I couldn't help but to laugh as we sent him back to bed. It was like he was thinking "I bet if I just walk out there Mom and Dad will never realize I am supposed to be up."
4. He is so polite. He always says please and thank you and he always asks if we are OK if he thinks something is wrong. If some one coughs (including himself) he will say "bless you" and the other day I was in his way and I hear " excuse me" as he tries to move past me.
3. He loves his Sister. Torilynn is Landon's best friend. He loves to "hold her" and play with her. Whenever I put Tori down for a nap Landon goes into her room and says "good night Tori love you." It is so sweet.
2. He is a great dancer and singer. There a few things that are more entertaining then watching Landon dance and listening to Landon sing. He loves to sing the songs he learns in nursery and whenever we listen to music he starts to dance.
1. He is always Happy. Well not always but I would say 95% of the time Landon is happy. He is always smiling and so loving. He is easy to forgive and in a lot of ways he has taught me why we need to become childlike, like it talks about in the scriptures.