Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day of Kindy!

Landon started Kindergarten a few weeks ago. Kindergarten is a big deal, I can't believe my Landon is already in Elementary School. I am not going to lie, I got a little emotional on his first day, but I think that Tori had the hardest time dealing with the transition. She spent pretty much all of Landon's first day at school crying because she missed him. Landon loves Kindergarten and is doing well. He is so excited to go to school everyday and he is really enjoying learning new things. I think that his 2 years of preschool has really helped in his transition to Kindergarten.
In other back to school news Jared started his second year of teaching Seminary this last week, and he apparently is quite the popular teacher (must take after his Mom). He really loves teaching the gospel and working with the Youth even though it comes with early hours and lots of lesson prep.
First day of Preschool 2008:First day of Pre-K 2009:First day of Kindergarten 2010:

New House

We moved into a new place a couple of weeks ago. We were renting a place that was about 850 sq ft and with 6 us now it was just way too small. I hate moving but it was worth it to get into something bigger. Some family and friends have asked for me to post pictures so here they are. Also stay tuned I have a bunch of pictures to post and I will probably get those up soon.
Family Room:Living Room:Kitchen: Dinning Room: Laundry Room:Master Bedroom:Master Bath:Landon's room:Tori and Ella's Room:Close up of Letters I made to go over the girls beds:Close up of Girls bedding:Levi's Room/ Play Room:

Monday, August 02, 2010

Levi's Blessing

Yesterday we had Levi blessed. Jared gave Levi a beautiful blessing, and it was a great day! We were lucky enough to have some family in attendance (have I mentioned how much I LOVE having family live near us?). Levi is a lucky boy to have been surrounded by so many people that love him on his blessing day.We really do have the best friends and family out here!Here we are with Jared's sister Ariane and her family. Aren't her kids the cutest? Also I want to give a shout out to our brother in law Justin who came to the blessing right after working a 24 hour shift at the hospital.My cute family! Too bad none of the kids are looking at the camera.
Isn't he just the cutest baby ever? I love him!!