Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor Boy!

This afternoon as I handed Landon his sandwich for lunch I wasn't looking and accidentally hit him in the eye with his sandwich. He started crying and said that his eye hurt. I apologized and sent him to the table to eat his sandwich. He kept on crying and wouldn't eat his sandwich so I sent him to his room to calm down. After a couple minutes I told him to come back out to eat his sandwich. He came out, sat down at the table, and continued to cry. At this point I was thinking to myself "Seriously I barely touched you with that sandwich what is your problem." He then started saying something about his eyes. Well I finally looked over at him only to realize that his eyes were all red and puffy and they were surrounded by little bumps that looked like welts. I started to freak out a little bit as Jared was gone at school with the car and our phone line had not been working for the last day and a half. I decided to try the phone with little hope that it would actually work. I lucked out as the phone company had actually sent someone over to fix the phone line way earlier then expected (they were not supposed to come out until tomorrow around noon). I called my Mom to ask what to do. I had no idea what had caused this reaction around his eyes and I was worried that I had caused it by accidentally hitting him in the face with his sandwich. My mom asked me if he had been playing with anything new or if we had anything new around the house that might have caused an allergic reaction. I tried to think of what it could be but nothing was coming to me. Then it hit me; this morning we received our feather mattress topper in the mail. Landon was in our room when I put it on our bed. Apparently Landon is allergic to our feather mattress topper. Since Landon has eczema I know that he is likely to have other allergies but we really haven't had too many problems with them so far so it never occurred to me that he might have an allergy to feathers. My mom told me to give him some benadryl and to keep an eye on him but he should be fine. We always have benadryl around the house but today we were out. Having no car and no way to contact Jared I decided to give our neighbor down the street a call. Sister Brown is an older lady in our ward who has been very kind to us since we moved here. She is a nurse and she was nice enough to run to the store and pick up both benadryl and clariton (the pharmacist told her this would be better for someone Landon's age) for us. Sister brown really saved the day and Landon is now looking much better. I am sad that Landon is allergic to our bed topper but I am so thankful that our phone started working in the nick of time and that we have such kind and selfless ward members who are willing to take the time and offer service whenever possible. Here are some pictures of Landon with puffy face:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Bed!

Jared and I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the last two and a half years. We have been meaning to buy a new bed for some time now but we kept putting it off due to various reasons. Well we had enough and finally bought ourselves a new bed. We got our mattress on Friday and our bed yesterday. I love it! The mattress we ordered is a bit firm so we decided to order a feather bed to soften it up and we should be getting that within the next week.Here is the bed in our room. We ordered the bed from and I am really happy with it.
I also got new bedding . I went to Marshall's and I got a really good deal on everything. I especially like our sheets they are a very pretty brown color and they are very soft.

Just a random picture of Tori (I don't want her to feel left out :))

I am so happy to be able to get rid of our old air mattress bed, it served its purpose and we are grateful that we had at least that to sleep on but it is nice to move on to bigger and better things .

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big News!

For those of you who have not heard the news I am pregnant again. We are expecting our third child on or around June 14th. We know that Torilynn and this baby will be close in age, and while we are pretty nervous about having two so close in age we are also really excited. Today we found out that we will be having another little girl who we will name Ellalyn. I am excited to have two little girls so close in age but I am sure that it will make for some very emotionally charged teenage years :).

Friday, January 18, 2008

Best Video Game Ever!

I hate video games. I really just don't like them. I have told Jared on a few occasions that if he is going to waste his money on video games he should a least get a cool one like Dance Dance Revolution. Well last night on his way home from school he stopped by Target and picked up DDR. It is actually a really, really fun game. It gets you moving and it is fun to watch other people play. I am not very good yet but Jared is and as you can see from the above video Landon is great !;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tis the season to shop Clearance

I have a confession to make I am a clearance shop-a-holic. As a clearance shop-a-holic this is one of my favorite times of year to shop. The fun starts right after Christmas. You can get some really good deals right after Christmas but I have found that the really great deals pop up about a week and half to two weeks after New Years. For example last week I stopped by Old Navy only to find that they were having an additional 50% off their already reduced clearance items sale. I was able to get a ton of clothes for the kids all of which ended up being at least 75% off! Having children only makes clearance shopping more fun. I tend to buy a year ahead for my babies once I get a feel for how they are growing. This year I mostly shopped for Torilynn as Landon has hit a point where he isn't growing out of his clothes very fast. I was able to buy Torilynn's whole wardrobe for a small fraction of what it would have cost me if I waited to buy her clothes in season next year and the clothes are really cute! Here are some of my favorites that I found this year while clearance shopping:I got this coat for Tori in pink. It is super cute!
Since the coat that Landon has this year fits him really well I decided to get him a new one for next year. This is the one I got.
I got Tori this dress in brown. The brown version of this dress was on sale for a bit less then the red one and it is just as cute.
I got this dress coat for Tori to wear to church. I love it!
I think skinny jeans are super duper cute on little girls. I also got these pj's for Tori. I really like them.

I got a lot of other cute things too. Shopping clearance is so much fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Landon's Birthday and other stuff

Landon's Birthday ended up being really fun. First we took him to McDonalds for lunch (which he thought was the best thing ever). Later we had cake and ice cream and opened gifts. Landon was also very popular and got numerous phone calls, it was so nice for everyone to call, he loved it! We decided to forgo an actual Birthday party this year as it is really too cold to do anything outside and our house is too small to have a party in. It seems as though Landon knows that because he is three he supposed to act different. Unfortunately for us his acting different isn't such a good thing. He has become very possessive of his toys lately and will not let Tori play or even look at them. Hopefully this is just a phase that will pass soon. I guess you get the bad with the good as your kids grow up.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Landon is Three!

Landon at a few days old
Landon's 1st Birthday

Landon in the hospital with an oversized ear

Landon a few days ago

3 years ago today my life changed forever. I became a mother. After spending 6 weeks in the hospital and having various complications during my pregnancy I was ready for him to come. Landon was born at 5:38 pm weighing in at a tiny 4lbs 13 oz. He was beautiful and perfect. I knew that having a baby would change my life but I guess until you become a mother you never truly know what that means.
Landon has been such a joy in my life. Sometimes I think that because I had a hard pregnancy with Landon Heavenly Father decided to send me the sweetest child he had. Landon has taught and shown me so much. Because of him I love Jared more. I love to watch Jared as a Dad and I love the person that he has become since he has become a father. Landon has made me love and appreciate my own parents more. I never realized how much my own parents must love me until I became a mother and felt that love for myself. Landon has taught how to love Torilynn and any other children I may have. Having Landon has given me a small glimpse at what Heavenly Fathers love for me must be like. Before Landon I never understood what it was like to love someone unconditionally.
I really can’t believe that Landon is three today. The last three years have had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I love to watch Landon grow and learn new things and I am so proud of the person who he is becoming. Happy Birthday Landon!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm Martha Stewart!

OK so really not so much. I did, however, buy and make these super cute Martha Stewart brand stockings for Landon and Torilynn. I have been looking to make some stockings for the children for awhile but in all honesty I am not very crafty. I was looking around at Joann's the other day and I found these on sale for half price. I was thrilled. The actual stocking was already put together and all I really had to do was add the letters and the decoration. The hardest part of the process has been hand stitching the letters (not necessary but I want the stockings to last). All in all a fun and easy craft project.