Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas!

OK due to many reasons that included having no printer, lack of finances, and being a complete slacker I did not get our Christmas cards sent out this year. I am really sorry but next year I will do better I promise. So instead I decide to post a list of some of the things that I have learned in 2007....

1. Reno really became our home while we lived there. I never thought I would miss it but I really do.

2. Moving across the country is a very stressful process. I am really thankful for a patient husband and loving children who put up with me for the first few months after we moved here. They are the best!

3. Because I have the gospel in my life I have family no matter where I go. I am so thankful to the folks in the Elkhart 2nd ward who have been nothing but kind and loving. I really am glad that we are here at this time in our lives.

4. Jared and I have the best families in the world. I guess I have always known this but this year they have been especially helpful. Thank you all for all that you guys do for us. We love you all so much!

5. Potty Training was not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Now hopefully I haven't jinxed myself for horrible experiences in the future.

6. There really is such thing as the terrible twos. Landon has really tried my patience this year but his two year old stage has also been really fun. It is so neat to watch your children grow and learn new things.

7. Having 2 kids is more fun then having just one. It is true that having two kids is harder then having just one but I think that the benefits way out weigh the negative. There is nothing that I love more then watching my children interact with each other.

There are a lot of other things that I have learned over the past year but this is all I can think of right now. I hope that you all are having a great Holiday season. Merry Christmas!


Theresa said...

Some things I've learned this year:
1. it's a mixed blessing not to have kids yet because being married over the past 2 years (not just this year) has sometimes tried my patience more than I thought it would. While I'm anxious to start my family and all the family strengthening that would come from that blessing, I appreciate the gift of more time to get to know my husband better without the added complexity that children bring. :)
2. I really love my husband! He is still the perfect guy for me and always will be!
3. I can't do everything myself! I have always been able to rely on my husband,.. however, I take more on myself sometimes than I should.
4. I don't really like working.
5. I also,.. really like working.
6. Sometimes a Happy Christmas is achieved without trying so hard.

:) Your posts always make me reflect so I thought I'd put it all together in one place. haha! love ya!

Unknown said...

How did you make your card?!? So cute! I love it! Do you need photo shop? Also, I agree, there are such thing as the terrible two's, what they don't tell you about is the frustrating three's! Hopefully this will not be quite as bad for you. I love your list and the pic of Tori with the antlers is priceless!

Unknown said...

(I meant to say Tori and Landon with the antlers - this is what happens when I hit publish without reading what I wrote)

Jodi Jean said...

love it!!

eBN said...

great card!! Still using the gimp?? I sure hope that if you are that you have upgraded it since those many moons ago. Did you listen to that cd last night in lieu of the party? Pretty dumb, eh? Well our blog/phlog/vidlog will be up soon!! Probably shortly after Noel.

Ellsworth Family said...

Your card is super cute, I love the smiles an both Landon and Tori, they are growing up so fast, and getting cuter by the second!!

eBN said...

how is that better than an iPod??

Kerstin said...

hahaha Brent...."So Phyllis is basically saying, "Hey Michael, I know you did a lot to help the office this year but I only care about you a homemade oven mitt's worth." I gave Ryan an iPod."
"Everyone wants the iPod. It's a huge hit. It is almost a Christmas miracle."