Sunday, August 31, 2008

Those were the days....

Because I recently scanned these on to my computer and because I love Summer so much, here are some pictures from the day Jared and I got married... I hope you all enjoy.

On a completely unrelated note here are pictures of me, Landon, Tori and Ella all from the day we were blessed. See any similarities?

Kerstin on her blessing day:
Landon o his blessing day:
Torilynn on her blessing day:Ellalyn on her blessing day:


Unknown said...

I need to scan all my wedding pics into the computer. I am always so scared that something will happen to them and then they will be lost forever. Very smart!

I love that you posted these. I LOVE looking at wedding pics but I think that once we have kids we don't look at them often enough.

It did make me a little sad though, when I see how young Justin and I looked in that family picture...Those really WERE the days!!

Jodi Jean said...

wow ... those are some great pictures -- i was disappointed with my wedding pictures. oh well, i can't change it now.

Summer and Hunter said...

Wow. Those are GORGEOUS!!! They look like the pics that come in the frame :) What a beautiful bride and handsome groom :) You really had some great shots. It's always fun to see how a couple begins!