Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Wedding Pics

My Dad got the picture back from the photographer from my sisters wedding the other day. I figured that since Jared wanted to see what my dress looked like and I rarely post pics of myself on this blog, I would post some of the pictures of ME from the wedding. I know that my kids are much cuter then I am so I will throw in some pictures of them also.
Me, Cynthia, and my goofy brothers (minus Brent) at the Temple
My memory of the evening of Cynthia's wedding includes three grouchy kids and one very grouchy Mom but apparently my kids did take some time to have fun together.
What cute kids. How did I get so lucky?

All my Dad and Joann's grandkids. I love the face that Mr. Orange (aka Brighton, my nephew, the one with red hair) is making, so cute!


Jodi Jean said...

those are great pictures, the kids look fabulous, and you look AMAZING!! congrats again to cc.

Katie said...

Cute pictures and cute dresses! Funny, my brother just got married on the 8th in the Vegas temple too. Too bad we didn't run into each other (he got married at 4 p.m. though)!

Unknown said...

so cute!! I'm jealous u were in Vegas! I love the pic of Torilynn inspecting Landon's ear, lol!

BDN said...

hahaha. Brent Nelson taught Brighton the Kevin McCallister face already? Wow. Rare. ;)

Jill Manis said...

Cute pictures and cute family! I can't believe Cynthia's married, your brothers are so big and you have 3 kids! Time goes by so fast!