Monday, August 25, 2008

Home again and Senior Pictures

We arrived home yesterday afternoon. The flight went as well as can be expected with three kids three and under. Jeremiah was a great help and I am so glad I had him with me to help with the kids. We were all so excited to get home to Jared, but I think Landon was the most excited. He kept saying "I'm going on a airplane to see Daddy" to anyone who would listen. We had a great trip and I want to thank our fmailies for a great time, great hospitality, and help with the kids. We love you all so much and we wish that we could see you more often. Here is a picture of the kids with my Dad Joann and my brothers (minus Brent).
I meant to get a picture with the kids and Jared's family but we were having so much fun that it completely slipped my mind on the day I was going to do it. Sorry guys.
While I was down in Vegas I took my younger brother Ben's senior pictures. I did my sisters a few years ago and my brother thought it would be fun to do his. I think they turned out pretty good. I can't believe Ben is going to be a Senior this year and that in a little over a year he will be leaving on his mission.


BDN said...


I look SO white in that second to last one. Hahaha.

But alas! I am glad Landon was happy to go home and see his Daddy. :) I am going to miss your children forev'!

Kerstin said...

hahaha it is because I used soft glow on it...I didn't rea;lize it was so white until after I posted it.

Jodi Jean said...

GREAT pictures!! gosh, benji is a senior ... that makes me FEEL soooo old. he was just a baby!!!

Ariane said...

Those pictures look really professional! Great job! I bet Jared is so happy tohave you guys home!

Cynthia said...

Wow! Great shots! KT, we have handsome bros!

Summer and Hunter said...

WOW-you have a gift, woman! Great pictures and cute brother :)