Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun in Vegas

We have really been enjoying ourselves here in Vegas. It has been great visiting family and the kids have loved all the extra attention. The kids (read Landon and Tori) have loved all the outside time.
Landon enjoyed playing with the hose.
The kids have also had a great time playing with their Aunts and Uncles (I am sorry to the Aunts/Uncles who have not yet been featured in any of my Vegas posts thus far)

Landon asked to hold Ella today and I thought this was a cute picture.

We have had such a great time in Vegas and we will be sad to leave on Sunday, but my sadness is overshadowed by the excitement I have to get back home. I missed Jared so much and it will be nice to be home again.


BDN said...

KT, I heard you and Matt went somewhere without me on Monday when I was working. :( I want to see you and the kids again!

But guess what? I take my drivers' test today. Hopefully I pass. If I do, I need to go over there and visit before you leave!! :)

Ellsworth Family said...

It has been super fun having you all here, it will be sad when everyone leaves. Your kids are super cute, and hillarious!!

Jodi Jean said...

i totally get it, i bet you're having loads of fun, but i'd be ready to get back to my hubby too. i'm glad you could go out and visit ... what a blast!