Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bridal Shower and more.

So we made it to Vegas safely. I was so happy to see Landon once I got here. Jared's Dad and Landon picked me up from the airport. When Landon first saw me he gave me a look like he didn't know who I was. I was about to get really sad and then he got all excited and came right to me. We have been having fun and it is nice to have all my kids back. Landon really misses Jared and keeps asking about him. He is going to have wait another 3 weeks to see him.We have had a lot of fun visiting with family these last few days. We spent most of Friday with my family. It was so nice to see everyone. I got to see my brother Matt who I haven't seen since before he left on his mission over 2 years ago. I have also had a lot of fun with Jared's family. Today we went shopping for shoes for the wedding. I t was ton of fun and I love spending time with them!
My second youngest brother holding Ella
Landon and my brother Matt
Tori and my brother Ben

On Saturday we had my sister Cynthia's bridal shower. My sister-in-law Shayla did such a wonderful job putting it together. The food was delicious, the company was great, and the decorations were beautiful. We had a lot of fun and my sister got a lot of great gifts.
The beautiful bride to be, Cynthia
My step-sister's son, Noah, was so cute at the shower he grabbed a nightie out of the bag before my sister could get to it and wrapped it around himself.
My cute nephew, Brighton, sporting some super cool shades.

Saturday day and night I hung out with my cousin Theresa and one of my very best friends Stacey. It was so nice to see them! I wish that I could see them more often, I really miss them. I meant to get a picture of the three of us but some how it slipped my mind.
Landon Sunday morning before church

Tori before church.
Grammy painted Tori and Ella's finger and toe nails to match hers for church. They looked so cute!
The real exciting stuff is yet to come. My sister gets married on Friday and my brother-in-law, Jeremiah, gets home from his mission next Tuesday. I am so excited, it should be great!


The Relativity Ranger said...

Stinkin cute. Took long enough to get the update though. :-)

Unknown said...

I am seriously homesick reading your post! It sounds like you are having a great time!

Theresa said...

hahaha. I love Jared's comment! I think we were all too busy to remember to get a pic of us. I even had my camera right there in my purse. Too bad. but it was fun! and I miss you guys too!

Theresa said...

I'm so glad I came too because I would have been sad if I missed cc's bridal shower,.. and getting to be with KT and Stacey at the same time is something that has not happened since I got married I think.

Jen said...

It looks like your trip is going really well. Isn't it so nice to be home! There's really nothing like coming back to your parents'/inlaws' homes. I love it.

Hopefully we'll do a Peterson family activity soon so we can all see each other. It's been so long.

Ellsworth Family said...

Oh man, I am soooo jealous!! It looks like you all are having a fun and relaxing time out there, I can not wait to join you in about a week!!

BDN said...


Jodi Jean said...

yeah!!! how fun! i wish i could get away to go to vegas for cc's wedding. i keep seeing the announcement at my parents and it makes me think of you.