Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome Home Jeremiah!

Yesterday Jeremiah, Jared's younger brother, returned home from his mission. We went to airport to pick him up and we are so excited to have him home.
Tori waiting to meet her Uncle.
The signs
Ashley excited to see Jeremiah
He couldn't stop smiling, it was cute.
Mother and Son
Dad, Jeremiah, and Ashley Landon and his Uncle BubI thought this was sweet.

I can't believe it has already been two years, we are so happy to have Jeremiah home!


Jen said...

Thanks for posting those pictures. I alwyays love to see missionaries coming hom. The signs were awesome. I can't believe it's been 2 years.

Theresa said...

I know.,.. it seems like hardly any time at all since he left. how exciting!

Ariane said...

Those pictures are great! I am sad we weren't there!

BDN said...

Yeah, that's crazy...

Two years flies by pretty quick these days.

shayla said...

Sounds like it was an exciting day! The only memory I have of Jeremiah is when he went to Buffalo Wild Wings with us once and ordered like 85 wings. All for himself. It was pretty funny.

Crouch6 said...

Hey Kerstin! Thanks for the facebook add. I found your blog!! How are you guys? We live in Vegas now. Derek just started his 2nd year of med school. I saw that you are friends with the Shelley family. Too funny. I was her visiting teacher when Jerrod was tiny in Elko and we were pregnant at the same time. They are such a cool family. You have a cute family!