Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tis the season to shop Clearance

I have a confession to make I am a clearance shop-a-holic. As a clearance shop-a-holic this is one of my favorite times of year to shop. The fun starts right after Christmas. You can get some really good deals right after Christmas but I have found that the really great deals pop up about a week and half to two weeks after New Years. For example last week I stopped by Old Navy only to find that they were having an additional 50% off their already reduced clearance items sale. I was able to get a ton of clothes for the kids all of which ended up being at least 75% off! Having children only makes clearance shopping more fun. I tend to buy a year ahead for my babies once I get a feel for how they are growing. This year I mostly shopped for Torilynn as Landon has hit a point where he isn't growing out of his clothes very fast. I was able to buy Torilynn's whole wardrobe for a small fraction of what it would have cost me if I waited to buy her clothes in season next year and the clothes are really cute! Here are some of my favorites that I found this year while clearance shopping:I got this coat for Tori in pink. It is super cute!
Since the coat that Landon has this year fits him really well I decided to get him a new one for next year. This is the one I got.
I got Tori this dress in brown. The brown version of this dress was on sale for a bit less then the red one and it is just as cute.
I got this dress coat for Tori to wear to church. I love it!
I think skinny jeans are super duper cute on little girls. I also got these pj's for Tori. I really like them.

I got a lot of other cute things too. Shopping clearance is so much fun!


Theresa said...

ahhh,.. i want a dress coat,.. jealeous. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans, but I've never seen them on little girls either so who knows.

Norby Family said...

I think that it is easier to shop for girls in clearance sales, especially with Old Navy. There never seems to be enough boy clothes. You're lucky you have one of each.

Ellsworth Family said...

I love every piece of clothing that you got for Landon and Tori. This little girl wore skinny jeans to a ward party, it was just the cuttest thing ever. I like when little girls wear clothes that I would wear, I love it!

Unknown said...

I love the clothes! Your kids are so stylish! I want that dress coat!!!!