Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Come on Spring!

Yesterday I woke up to the bright sun shinning into our room. Something felt different, it felt like Spring! I excitedly got up and put on a nice springy outfit. I felt refreshed and excited. I love Spring! I have decided that it is my absolute favorite time of year. When winter is long and cold like it is here, in the Midwest, Spring is such a welcome change. In my excitement for the Spring weather I decided to get the kids spring/summer clothes out. This made me even more excited for the changing season, all the cute shorts and short sleeved shirts looked so cute and I was excited to dress my kids in one layer of clothing, instead of like 8 (I kid). But when I went outside, and my dreams of Spring vanished. It was beautiful outside but it was also 19 degrees.
I remember growing up in Vegas and having conversations with people who were not from Vegas that went kind of like this.
Them: "Vegas sure is hot in the summer, but at least it doesn't get cold there in the winter"
Me: "Vegas really does get cold in the winter, you would be surprised"
Apparently I was young and stupid. I miss the days when I thought 40 degrees was "really cold". I guess my point in writing this post is to say I am really looking forward to Spring and the closer it gets the more anxious I become. It really is time for winter to be over!
Here are some pictures of my kids looking "Springy" I figure if it can't feel like Spring outside, I can at least pretend like it is Spring while we are inside.

Ella looked very "Springy" at church on Sunday.

Nothing says Spring like a bright floral print

We are looking forward to the day when we can wear these short sleeved shirts outside without a coat over them.


Theresa said...

ahhh so cute. I look forward to spring too. it's been really nice and warm looking around here. I even felt the sun the other day,.. (something that never happens in vegas is that when the sun is out you feel it,.. not always the case in utah,.. me = misses it)

I do think vegas gets colder than people would think though. the temp doesn't go too low,.. but the windchill makes it feel colder than it is. However,.. they are right,.. it doesn't get snow,... (often)

Ariane said...

It snowed here yesterday and it's 13 degrees outside right now - blah. Apparently Vermont hasn't gotten the memo that it's MARCH and winter should be OVER by now!!!! I also, am ready for spring!

BDN said...

Awh! Ella is getting so big!!

The Watts said...

Yesterday felt like spring here and because of it almost all of the snow is melted.....YES! The kids look adorable as usual!

shayla said...

Cute pics, but where's the one of you in your aforementioned nice springy outfit?