Sunday, November 01, 2009


Halloween this year was a lot of fun. Landon and Tori were super excited about all the festivities and I think when kids are excited about things it makes it exciting for their parents. This last week was filled with Halloween activities. On Wednesday we had our ward's trunk or treat which was a ton of fun. I think the kids got more candy from trunk or treating then from trick or treating last night. On Thursday the Library held a harvest festival for the kids so Tori, Landon, and I went to that. Friday was Landon's school party. Landon goes to Preschool at a Career Center that is part of the High School by our house. Landon got to go Trick-or- Treating around to the different programs at the Career Center and boy did he make out like a bandit. He brought home tons of candy, coloring books, toys, pencils, and a bunch of other stuff. Fun times!
Last night Tori, Landon , and I went trick-or-treating while Ella stayed home with Jared to handout candy (Ella was very sad that she didn't get to come with us). I took the kids out with Landon's best friend Matthew and his parents. The kids had a blast, despite the cold weather and have been excited about their candy ever since. I can't believe that Halloween is already over, I guess it is time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving!
I was a complete slacker this year and did not get a lot of Halloween pictures, but here are some cute ones I got . This year I went with a theme for the kids costumes.
Landon was Jeremy Jacob from the book How I Became a Pirate
Tori was Pinkalicious from the book Pinkalicious
For those of you who have read Pinkalicious you know that Pinkalicious actually turns pink in the story. The original plan with Tori's costume was to spray dye her hair pink and put pink make-up all over her face. Well I got the pink hair dye and directions said it should not be used on blond hair because the dye might not wash out of blond hair, so we decided to pass on the temporary hair dye. At the ward trunk or treat I used some pink blush to color Tori's face pink but everyone just thought she had a weird rash so we also passed on the make-up last night. She still made a darling Pinkalicious, if I do say so myself.
Ella was Olivia from the Olivia books. I was going to make her a red tutu to go with her costume but I got lazy.

I love this picture of all 3 kids!


Earl and Vickie said...

Hey, pink hair for awhile would have been a small price to pay for your very own Pinkalicious! But they are really cute. And I LOVE "How I Became a Pirate" and the sequel!

Norby Family said...

What a literary scholar! I love the theme stuff although people probably had no idea, they were cute nonetheless. I love all of them but the pig is so cute, I love it!

Theresa said...

so cute! I love going with themes and even if people don't know what it is the kids do and relate to it. fun. they look super cute!

BDN said...

Aw!!! I love those pictures!! :) It's so weird...they are going to be SO big when I get home in two years!! Landon will almost be...SEVEN!! Holy Cow!!

The Watts said...

Do I have the cutest Grandkids or what? They are adorable and their costumes turned out great, Tori looks just like the girl on the front of the book, so you did an awesome job!

Unknown said...

Cute! I love the pirate thing. Clayton went to a pirate birthday party halloween morning and I think he was a little sad that he chose not to be a pirate for Halloween (until we got the Wall-E costume out - then it was all good again).

Tori is the cutest Pinkalicious ever and Ella's costume is darling! I love your themes!

Maggie said...

Very cute!

Ellsworth Family said...

Love all of the costumes, you are sooo clever!!

zachley said...

Im lovin the costumes...I love the pig, they all look SO CUTE!!