Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleep Over

A few weeks ago Jared's sister Ariane, her husband, and oldest son Clayton were in town for the weekend. We were so excited to visit with them for a few short days and we are hoping that come June we will be seeing a lot more of them. While they were here we had Clayton spend the night one night. My kids were in heaven, especially Landon. Clayton and Landon get along so well and it makes me so happy that, even though they don't get to see each other often, when they do see each other they are automatic best friends. Landon is still talking about Clayton's visit and he keeps asking me when Clayton is coming back or when he can go to Clayton's house.
Here are the only pictures I took from the big sleepover. Clayton was such a great guest and we hope to have many more sleep overs with him in the future!


Theresa said...

was this after a bath? or a water balloon fight? j/k they are so cute! can't wait to see you guys in july!

Ariane said...

I really hope that in a few months this will not be a rare occurance! Hopefully there are many more sleepovers in Landon's and Clayton's lives!!