Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Despite Halloween falling on a Sunday this year we had a a great one! We attended two great trunk-or-treats, Landon and Tori both had Halloween parties at school, and Jared's parents came out and had some Halloween grand adventures with the kids(more on that in another post). Good times!
Levi wearing his cute Halloween shirt:My poor baby boy was pretty sick throughout all of out Halloween festivities. I dressed him up in Landon's old cow costume for our ward Trunk or Treat and that was the extent of his Halloween dress up this year. My oldest 3 kids' Halloween costumes ROCKED!
I have to give a big shout out to my Mom for making the girl's Halloween costumes! They turned out beautifully, and my girls were in love with them!
While my Mom made Ella's dress and headband I made the choker and gloves. Ella was such a cute Cinderella!
Tori made a beautiful Sleeping Beauty.
I know Tori's hair is in a Cinderella style, not Sleeping Beauty's, but it was VERY windy the day of our ward's trunk or treat and I didn't want her hair blowing all over the place. I put a ton of hair spray in her hair and I was pleased when in stayed perfectly styled the whole night.Landon was the cutest Harry Potter ever. I love how his costume came together. I took a chance with the black hair dye spray.You just can't have a blond haired Harry Potter. I figured that if it didn't wash out all the way I would just cut his hair, he needs a haircut anyway. It washed out just fine.I over heard some teenagers in Jared's sister's ward comment on how awesome they thought Landon's costume was. They were impressed that he "even had a Harry Potter tie."
Group Shots:

I will be posting pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch and pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch with Grammy, Grandpa, and cousins soon, so stay tuned.


Jen said...

Those look so adorable! I LOVE the Harry Potter costume. I'm so impressed by your mom's sewing skills. Sad Levi was sick.

Ellsworth Family said...

I loved all of the pics, they all looked soooooo cute!!!

Theresa said...

seriously! you are the coolest mom ever! It will be hard to top this year's costumes. :)

Lillian said...

Those are AMAZING! I'm super impressed. I'm seriously so sad we don't live close. I miss you guys so much.

The Watts said...

No doubt I have the most adorable grandkids in the whole world, boy is that blue Ella's color, you did great in choosing who got what! Wish I could have been there!