Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super day!

On Saturday Landon had his birthday party. I am kind of a slacker and this was the first real birthday party that I have ever thrown, and I am not going to lie I was really nervous.  I quickly learned that four, five and six year olds aren't as hard to impress as I had anticipated and the party was a huge success. The kids had a blast and they were all so well behaved! I might actually consider doing a Birthday party again someday :). The theme of the party was super heroes. I made all the kids capes and we played super hero games such as  pin the emblem on the cape, musical rescue, catch the super villain, and super hero's v.super villains.
The invitation

These beautiful cupcakes where made by my friend Nicole. They were so good!! I think I ate half of them myself.

This picture was taken right before Ella threw up. Sad story. She had to spend the rest of the party in her room, and when I went to check on her half way through the party I discovered that she had gotten sick again and needed a bath. When she was done with her bath I put her back in her room and then I heard her sad voice cry "But I want to play super heroes"

Super hero or model?

I have to say that Jared was the real super hero of the day. He got the kids excited about all the games, and he was awesome as our super villain. The kids were chasing him around a good portion of the party and he was such a good sport about it. AND he even did most of the clean up after the party was over.

Landon was super spoiled. He got a Tory Story 3 game, a Toy Story 3 Activity book, a Pillow Pet, a Green Lantern toy, a Hero Factory Bionicle, among other things.
 Landon had a great party and we were so happy that so many of his friends could be there to celebrate his 6th Birthday with him.


Unknown said...

It really was a fun party. The boys are still talking about it. You put in a lot of work, but it seems like it was worth it in the end!

Jen said...

What a great looking party! The superhero theme was a great idea, and how fun you even had a villain! I'm so impressed with the invitation. And yes, you're totally brave for doing a party; I'm not looking forward to that.

The Watts said...

You did an awesome job on the capes, I am very impressed, course I knew you would do a fantastic job!