Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ella is finally getting enough hair to do something with. She still doesn't have a lot, but I have noticed it is starting to really grow lately!
Hairstyle #1

 Hairstyle #2

Ella's hair is coming in curly! I am used to Tori's stick straight hair, so this will be an adventure. It takes a little work to get it to look like this, but not much, just a little product and some scrunching.


Theresa said...

cute!! love it! ahhh miss all of them. miss you too pal. I took pics when we had lunch with matty cause I thought of you. :)

Jen said...

What cute hair! I'm so impressed you can do that. Her curls are so cute, and I love that little bun--how do you do that?

Joe said...

That first picture of her looks just like Landon! Joe was commenting while looking at your blog how all your kids look alike, it's good because they are so cute!

The Watts said...

So much fun when their hair gets to that point, I remember when yours did!