Saturday, April 09, 2011

Peterson Grandkids

A few weeks ago Jared's sisters, Ashley and Anisha,  came out here for a visit. Since Anisha brought her son Max with her we had all the Peterson grandkids in one place at one time, it was great, and we couldn't pass up this photo op.

All the Peterson Grandkids so far

Ariane's kids
Anisha's son Max
Sadly this was the best I got of my bunch, hopefully Easter pictures go better.
Max and Levi are only 2 months apart in age, I think they are going to be best friends!


Ashley said...

what an attractive bunch! I had so much fun seeing everyone and i cant wait until we are all together again...hopefully this summer (wink wink)

Jen said...

How fun to have all the kids together, finally. They're all so cute, and I love your kids' outfits. You always do a great job coordinating.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures turned out so cute, I am sure Grandma and Grandpa Peterson are gonna love getting a copy of this pic!

Ellsworth Family said...

Sooooo cute, I love love love these pics!!! However, my childs hair is out of control!

Maren and Rik said...

How fun! What great pictures of all those cousins!