Sunday, July 31, 2011


A Couple of week ago  we went to the fair with Jared's sister and her family. It was a lot of fun but hot and humid!
Oh I just remembered a sad story from the fair.  Tori is a short girl, I'd say well below average, and Ella is actually a little bit taller then Tori (probably about an inch taller ). But  I measured both girls a couple of times on different signs and they were both tall enough to ride the little kid rides. Well  at the first ride we went to they let everyone on except Tori, even though she  was supposed to be  tall enough for the ride according to the signs. Tori was crushed and it was really sad that even though she is older then Ella, Ella got to ride the ride and Tori didn't. Luckily  Tori was able to ride all the other little kid rides.

Hot and tired

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