Sunday, October 16, 2011

Princess Party

Jared's parent's came out to visit a few weeks ago. As always it was so great to see them and the kids were in heaven. While they were here they had a sleep over for the  boys (minus Levi ) and a Princess Party for the girls.  Thanks Grammy and Grandpa for always making each visit a grand adventure, the kids love it!

The Princesses

Making princess cupcakes

Princess Josie

Walking in the Princess Parade 

What a boy at the Princess Party? Don't worry he was the bodyguard, he's legit :) 


Norby Family said...

I miss your mother in law! And by the way, the body guard looks just like her!

Theresa said...

lol! I love that there was a body guard at the princess party! hahaha. The girls are so cute! miss them!