Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 years of Landon

Today my Landon turns 7 years old. As a parent I think that this past year has been one of my favorites so far. It has been amazing to watch Landon change this year, he has become this incredibly smart, kind, opinionated, helpful, and handsome little person, and the little kid he used to be seems to be slowly slipping away. Landon is such a great kid and I am so happy that he came into our lives 7 years ago. He is the BEST big brother, he plays so well with his sisters even though they have different interest. In fact the other day I heard him say "Come on Tori and Ella let's play super hero dollhouse!" He is so sweet with Levi too, often when Levi gets into something he isn't supposed to or does something wrong, instead of getting mad Landon will say "It is OK he is just a baby and he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong." He is a great son. He is so helpful, and while I know it bothers him sometimes that he has more responsibilities then his sisters when it comes to house work, he is usually happy to help.
One of the neatest changes I have noticed in Landon over the past year is that he is really starting to gain a testimony of the gospel. He loves reading the scriptures and he is full of questions  about the gospel. He has also become quite the little missionary,  it seems like at least once a week he comes home from school with stories about things he has told his teacher or kids in his class about the church. I love watching him grow not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually.
Happy Birthday Landon, We love you so  much!!! 

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7 years old 


Norby Family said...

Happy birthday Landon. I still remember the day you were born and how happy we were!

BDN said...

Happy Birthday, Landon! Uncle Ben loves ya! And he can't believe you are seven! Uncle Luke was seven when you were born! YIKES.

Unknown said...

We love Landon so much! He really is a great kid. Definitely one of the two best seven year olds EVER!

Diane Ripplinger, Gregg Ripplinger said...

What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful son. How rewarding to see him becoming this great young man. Children are such a joy! And your photography looks like it came out of a magazine---great job!