Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween this year, and we hope you all did too!  
Tori was a with this year. Her dress is actually a Christmas dress that Target is selling right now, which is awesome, because she can wear it beyond Halloween.

Landon does an awesome zombie pose, I told him he should be a zombie model.

Ella looks mad in this picture but she is trying to look like a "Halloween cat"

Love this one!

cute dimple!

Trick-or-treating with cousins, what fun!


Unknown said...

Levi is so stinkin' cute! Those pictures in the last post are adorable. I think your kids are just gorgeous! (Landon as a zombie being the one exception - that's a creepy costume! He does do a good job modeling as a zombie) ;) I hope you're enjoying fall!

Diane Ripplinger, Gregg Ripplinger said...

The kids are so very fabulously decked out this year! You have such good-looking kids anyway, and dressing up is all the better. I think the grownups enjoy Halloween at least as much as the kids do!