Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Five and Fabulous!

Ella is five today! I can't believe how much Ella has grown up this year. I am always taken by surprise  when I go back and look at pictures that are a year or more old. Because I see my kids everyday the changes in them seem subtle, but really they grow and change so much in a year.

Ella's 4 year old picture
Ella is such a fantastic kid. She is funny, smart, kind, and just so full of energy and life. She usually puts others before herself, and she is a great sister and daughter. She loves being a girl and all that come with it but she is also pretty brave and adventurous. Ella I love you, Happy Birthday !


Unknown said...

That top picture is the best ever!!! Love Ella, she's awesome! Happy birthday sassy girl!

The Watts said...

Ella has such a great personality, she is beautiful in these pictures, how do they grow up so fast?