Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peterson Visit

As you all know Jared's parents were in town visiting us this last week. It was so fun to have them here with us. Sadly today they had to head back home to Las Vegas. We were all sad to see them go but Landon was especially sad and cried most of the way home from the airport. I am so grateful for Mom and Dad Peterson and all that they do for us. They are great in laws, great parents, and great grandparents, and i really could not ask for a better family. We love them so much and we are so glad that they took some time out of their busy lives to come visit us.
Yesterday we were able to visit a county park nearby. The weather was WONDERFUL and we had a great time. Here are some pictures:

We hope that Mom and Dad had as much fun visiting us as we did having them here. Also we are always open for visitors so if any of the rest of you ever have the urge to visit Indiana we would love to have you :)


Theresa said...

I've always got the urge to visit indiana,... and san francisco and stanford univ. .... there's a couple friends there I want to see. If it weren't for the fact that I'm breadwinner you know I'd take road trips,.... Very cute family picture at the top,.. it's only missing one person,... you need to buy a tripod or use the one you have or something.

Jodi Jean said...

awww looks like you had a fun visit.

you called them "great grandparents" hehehe!

love the pictures!

Ariane said...

I am so glad that mom and dad came to see you guys! They are so fun to have but the devistation is great when they leave! Clayton still refers to the bedroom in the basement as "grammy's room". It looks like you had some great weather out there. I'm really jealous (it snowed yesterday - yuck)!

Maggie said...

Isn't it so wonderful to have family visits?! Gotta love 'em.