Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun Weekend....

This weekend has been a really good one. On Friday I got a new camera. I have been wanting a new camera for a while. My old camera was kinda hit and miss on the quality of pictures it would take. Most of the time my pictures would turn out really dark or blurry and that got really annoying. I love my new camera. It is a Canon PowerShot S5IS. It has 12x optical zoom (I love this. I hated how with my old camera I had to get up really close to something to get a good close up shot) and the picture quality is really great. As an added bonus it takes high quality video too!
For Easter my mom bought us the movie Enchanted. We had never seen it so Landon, Jared, and I watched it on Saturday. We all really enjoyed it so it was a win, win, win situation. I really recommend it for the few of you who may not have seen it yet. Thanks mom!
Today we had a great day at church. It was my month to do sharing time but the chorister had asked if she could spend the 5th Sunday doing music the whole hour. I was totally nice enough to let her do this :). It was really nice to have a break from preparing a lesson for sharing time and the kids loved all the fun activities that she had prepared for singing time so again, win win win. All in all this has been a good weekend. I know nothing really exciting happened but that is OK. I hope you all had a nice weekend too!Here are some pictures taken with our new camera:Landon with our old camera. He was trying to take a picture of me but he always ends up with his fingers over the lens.
Torilynn loves it when I open the front door and let her look outside through the screen.
Torilynn's first ponytail. OK so it really isn't much of a ponytail (can I even call it that?) and you can't see it great in this picture, but I was super excited that she finally has enough hair to pull up into a little ponytail holder.
A slightly better picture of the "ponytail." Tori was exhausted after a long hard day at church.
Not the best picture but Landon's church outfit today was very handsome!


Theresa said...

Oh I love Torrilyn's little yellow dress. it's the beh-est. (nacho libre quote). Anyway,... seriously,.. .i want a cute little dress like that for my little girl.

Jodi Jean said...

awww i'm jealous ... your camera sounds awesome.

Benjamin said...

*sheds five tears* I miss you guys!!! Tori and Landon are so cute! *cries*

Oh, and Enchanted=GREAT. FILM. Haha.

Ariane said...

I wish I could get a new camera! I keep trying to break our camera that we have now (in the hopes that Justin will then let me get a new one), but I think it's a demon camera...nothing can kill it.

Tori's ponytail is so cute! Landon is so handsome. Clayton asked where he was the other day. He misses his cousing/partner in crime!

Baker Bunch said...

nice new camera!

Nicole Shelby said...

New Camera! fun day!
Now comes the tricky part of trying to use it! Help Manual!