Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Update

Nothing exciting has really been going on with us but I got the urge to update my blog so here I am. Jared has been working preparing for Comps and he has also bee putting together an Eagle Court of Honor for two boys in the ward. The girls and I have have just been hanging out and going over to friends in the ward every so often. I am pretty sure that you all wish that your life was as fun and exciting as ours ;). The girls and I will head out to Vegas on Thursday. I am super excited to see mine and Jared's family. I am especially excited to see my brother Matt who got off his mission in May and of course I can't wait to see Landon. I have really missed and it makes me happy that I will see him in a few days. Anyway that is what has been going on here. I will leave with some pictures of the girls. Ella is getting bigger by the day. She has started to smile and coo a little but it is still hard to tell if she is smiling at us or if she is just moving her mouth.

Here is Tori dressed for church today.

And as a special treat here is a video. I know a lot of you don't care to see random videos of my children but for those that do I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Sorry about the crying baby in the background


Theresa said...

ahhh,.. tori is getting so big. and cute! At least you don't have a bunch of videos of you ignoring your kids when they're telling you they want a turn or they have to go to the bathroom or something. hahahaha. Seems like every family video has some sort of neglect recorded on camera in ours. hahahahaha. and of course by neglect, i don't really mean that, but it sounds like it sometimes...hahaha.

Unknown said...

Tori is so big! Wow! Both the girls are so cute. I wish that we were going to Vegas too so that I could see them! Have a safe trip! We're super jealous of you!

BDN said...

OH. MY. JUNT. Me love random videos on le children!!! :)

I'm really excited to see Ella and Tori. Tori is so big, and so I am really excited to see how much she has changed since last year!!! :)

Robin B said...

I love the chubby cheeks. I love babies with chubby cheeks. Maybe I am just a bit biased since my baby has very chubby cheeks.

Katie said...

Tori's hair is so cute, it has taken Baylie forever to grow it that long. We're jealous you get to go to Vegas too, but we're headed there in August!

Jodi Jean said...

so dang cute!!!