Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Visit from Grammy

Last Thursday Grammy (Jared's Mom) flew in for a visit. It was SO nice having her here. She was such a great help around the house and with the kids and the kids obviously loved getting to spend some time with their Grammy.We also had a ton of fun! Jared's mom is so fun to talk to and we able to do a little shopping while she was here too. She took the kids to the park, the Zoo, and Amish Acres which gave me some one on one time with Ella. I am so thankful to have such a great Mother-in-law and I was very sad to see her go today.
Landon and Jared at the Zoo. From what I hear Landon was not a fan of the Pony ride and cried pretty the whole time. What can I say my boy is a scaredy cat.
Grammy and Tori at the Park. I am so appreciative of all the attention that Grammy gave Tori. Tori has had a hard time adjusting to having a baby sister and having Grammy here helped a lot.
Landon pushing Grammy and Tori in the swing.
Fun at the park!
Cute kids with their cute Grammy!The girls love Grammy.
In other news not only did we say goodbye to Grammy today but we also said goodbye to Landon. Landon is flying back to Vegas with Grammy and he will be there for 4weeks before I fly out with the girls for my sisters wedding. I have not been away from Landon for more then a few days at a time ( while in the hospital after having Tori and Ella) and I am so sad that I won't see him for so long. I know he is in good hands though and that he will enjoy getting spoiled and being the center of attention in Vegas. I really am sad for Jared though. He will not be able to come out to Vegas with the rest of us and since we will not return home until the 24th of August Jared will have to go almost two months without seeing his son. We love Landon so much and it will be a little sad around our house without him.


Norby Family said...

You are so brave. As much as Blake drives me crazy, the thought of 4 weeks, let alone 4 days, without him would kill me. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

I struggled being away from my boys for a week (well, not really struggled, but I missed them like crazy)! Poor Jared. But Landon is going to be in the spotlight. From everything I hear, everyone has big plans for him!

All the pics are so cute! I can't believe how big Tori is!! Holy cow, she was just a baby when I saw her!

Jodi Jean said...

how fun to have grammy come to visit! and for landon to go to vegas, i'm sure he'll have a blast, but will be missed back at home. i can't imagine!!

Theresa said...

ah,... tori is sooo cute. she's got such precious moment eyes. she's adoreable. :) Don't worry. Landon will be home soon. :) It will fly by even though you miss him.

BDN said...

*Cries For KT and Jared* No worries, guys! I shall help take care on Landon.:) I am so excited to see him. It's almost been a whole year!!!

Blissful & Domestic said...

you are so brave how is it going? and how is landon being without mommy?

Cynthia said...

I can't wait to see you and the kids! It's been sooo long! and it's sad that I/we won't be able to see Jared, but the time will eventually come! Love you guys and thanks for everything! P.S. that is such a cute father/son picture!

Jensen Family said...

4 weeks is long, but at least it will give you some nice time to adjust with the new litle one..enjoy it while you can!