Sunday, December 14, 2008

Letters from Santa

I was surprised this afternoon to receive a message in my inbox from Kris Kringle. Thinking it was Holiday spam I was about to delete it, but then I noticed the subject, it said "c/o Parents of Mr. Landon P." The Email read
"Please relay the following message to your boy Landon.
Thank you.
S. Claus
Phew! It's cold up here at the North Pole. As I have been checking my list the second time I have noticed that you are on the Nice List. (Fine work young lad!) As a reward for your good deeds this year you will NOT be receiving coal in your stocking; you, my boy, will receive presents.
Feel free to write again anytime.
Merry Christmas!
I read the email to Landon and he was so excited to get a letter from Santa and he wanted to write him back. I helped Landon type the following message back to Santa
"Dear Santa,
I am glad I am on the nice list. I have tried to be a good boy. I would really like a Mack truck and Wall-e for Christmas. Thanks a million.
I was shocked when later that night we got a reply from Santa. Here is the rest of our correspondence :
"For Landon,
Fine choices my boy. I know a couple wise elves that I am sure I can recruit to get you those gifts.
The Eve of Christmas is almost upon us! So much still to get done.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
"Dear Santa,
Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if my sisters are on the naughty or nice list? If they are on your nice list they would probably like some babies and princesses. They would write to you themselves but they don't talk very well yet. Thanks.
"For Landon,
What a playful young chap you are! Worry not my boy, I have not forgotten your sisters. My list is quite long these days and I simply have not reached the point where their names appear. I will note your suggestions though. Once I find their names on The List I will send them my greetings.
Thank you for your help tiny lad.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
So Santa if you by chance read our blog, Thank you for not only making my three year old's night, but also for making this Christmas season a little more merry for me.

Last years Santa Picture


BDN said...

Awh! That is awesome!! :)

eBN said...

Nice!! That is so cool except that Brighton didn't get any letters so I am bitta! I'll assume he hasn't got to Brighton's name yet (aka he probably doesn't even know who Brighton is).

Loupe and Aaron said...

Wow, that is so cool! How fun for you guys. I wish Santa would email me. ;)

Theresa said...

it must be from his preschool. how nice of santa to write! :)

Ellsworth Family said...

Very clever!! I really like the way Santa writes, I cant wait to get my email!!

The Watts said...

Wow sounds like Landon has a real relationship going on with Santa, he must have been on the Very Good list! What an awesome surprise!

Marley said...

hmmmm that is freakin awesome!! i want a letter from santa!! hehe!!! But this year I would like a ring... LoL!

Cynthia said...

Wow, that is awesome! Stuff like that makes me so happy! I bet ya'll are having a great Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

Cute! Good idea letting him type his response to Santa - I bet he loved it, and Santa probably got it faster too! Maybe Clayton needs to type a letter this year!

Jamie said...

Hey:) We got your adorable Christmas card. I threw away the envelope before I got the address on it. So, whats your address? You can email me at or post it on my blog:) Thanks!