Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Landon's Birthday

Landon had a wonderful birthday! The fun started on Friday when we brought cupcakes into his class. He came home super excited because they gave him a crown. On Saturday, the big day, we started off going shopping. Landon loves to go shopping with me so this was a treat for him. At Target I let him pick out a toy. After we got home from the store we headed over to McDonald's. Landon had a ton of fun playing in the play area and eating his chicken nuggets. We then came home ate cake and ice cream and opened presents. Then on Sunday his Sunbeam teacher threw a little party for him, complete with decorations, cake, and even a present! Landon was more then spoiled and now, days later, he keeps telling me it is his birthday.
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Theresa said...

ah,.. that is one special boy you guys have. I love him. :)

Unknown said...

Gosh dang stinkin' parents always asking him how old he is when all a boy wants to do is eat some cake! That cracked me up. He's too cute and I'm glad he had a great birthday!

BDN said...

Hahaha!! Awe man. This was too precious!! Just look at Tori just chill there...*tear*

Shayla said...

My three favorite things about the video:

1 - the fact that Landon blew out the candles one by one
2 - Tori's patience and self control
3 - the duet by you and Jared