Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Friends!!

I have been lucky to have found some great friends here in Indiana. Our ward here is full of some of the nicest people I have ever met. The more I get to know people here the more I feel that we are where we need to be at this point in our lives.
One of my best friends is Lillian. She is one of the nicest, most talented, and most thoughtful people I have ever met. Yesterday I was having a bad day and I vented to her a little about it at Church. A few hours later I got a call from her saying that she would like to bring us dinner and a treat. She brought over a delicious pesto dinner and some of the yummiest cookies I have ever eaten. I am so grateful to have a friend who is willing to go out of her way to cheer me up. I hope that I can become the type of friend to others that Lillian has been to me. Thanks again Lillian, you are the best!
Today Lillian and I decided to take our kids to the park. The weather here has been fantastic and I could not sit inside all day with sun shining outside. We had so much fun at the park. Lillian has the most beautiful little girl. She is only a couple of weeks younger then Ella and her name is also Ella. I think they are going to be best friends.
Here are the Ellas. Now that they are 9 months old they are able to interact with each other a little bit. It is really cute to watch them together.
Landon and Tori also enjoyed the park. Here are some pictures of them:

ETA: For more great pictures from our outing click here


Theresa said...

I love the picture of the Ellas where ella is smiling. :) I'm so glad you got to be in the same ward and meet Lillian. She's the best! I can't believe stacey never met her. But I guess Lillian was only there over the summer before Stacey moved in. Anyway,... Love the pictures of Landon and Tori, they have any friends out there? I wish I could see some pics of them hanging out with their friends too.

Shayla said...

That picture of Landon on the slide is awesome. I should move to Indiana. I need friends.

BDN said...

Awh! I can't believe how fast Ella is growing up!! *tear* I miss my nieces and nephews!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Unknown said...

It's so nice to have good friends like that - especially when you are so far away from family.

The Watts said...

The kids look like they are very glad to have spring here and to be outside, they are all so cute and I am so glad you have good friends to do things with, it makes it so much easier!

Lillian said...

You are too nice, Kerstin. I'm so glad I have you here! You're so right about our ward being so great. I know I'm in the right place right now, too.

But you are way too nice to me! Thanks for always carting us around with you everywhere you go! I'm SO glad you're my friend and that the Ellas have each other, too:)