Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The difference between boys and girls

OK, so for those of you who don't know, boys and girls, they are totally different. (Totally) A few days ago (Maybe a week?) I pulled out the catapult that the scouts were building and KT took some pictures. My dad had mentioned that he wanted to see what the catapult looked like, so I asked KT to post some pictures of the catapult. So what does she do? She showcases the kids. Seriously, there is a catapult here, the childrens are cool and all, but we've seen them before. So unless the catapult is firing childrens (Which it could have done with enough bungees, by the way) they were totally not the focus I had in mind. So, in the interest of doing things right, Imma post some about the catapult.

So we met tonight and made a few last minute modifications on the catapult and spent about 40-45 minutes firing it off. The more we fired it though, the further we wanted it to fire things, so we put more and more bungee cords on it. It got to where it took a goodly amount of effort to simply push the lever arm back. Finally we got so many bungees on there that when we fired the catapult, the lever arm exploded when it hit the backstop. (Which was totally awesome) Also, as an added benefit to the explosion, the rock we were firing went further than any of the previous shots, going approximately 20 yards. It was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures until after the arm blew up, but that's cool. Anyway, here are the post explosion pictures (Which are pretty similar to previous, sans the arm of course).

So these are my teachers (Minus one, plus a deacon) sitting around the broken remains. I'd name them for you, but if you know them there's no point in me doing that, and if you don't know them, you probably don't care what their names are.

I have pictures at other angles, but really this one says what needs to be said. All in all it was pretty easy to build too. It took us about 3 weeks to build and, well, break it, but if we had been more on our game we could have built it in 2. (Assuming you only work about 1 hour per week. And you aren't allowed to use power tools. The no power tools hurt.) I got the instructions from a website. Although, quite frankly you don't need them really. Just looking at a picture of it would probably be enough.


The Watts said...

I like both posts they were both very educational! Lol

Ariane said...

Jared, it's always so obvious when you are the one posting. You post just like you speak. Hilarious!! However, I have to say that, while you catapult is cool, I prefer Kerstin's way!