Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Best

One of my favorite things about the Sunday before Christmas (or Easter) is seeing all the kids in the ward dressed up in their new holiday outfits. I know that before long my kids will start to have opinions about what I dress them in and they won't want to match so I am enjoying my time having full control over what they wear. Here are some pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits, I think they looked super cute!The pants I planned to go with Landon's vest flooded on him so he wore his suit with his vest. He still looked great!I took Tori to the bathroom during Sacrament meeting and on our way back we ran into a bunch of ladies from the other ward who were waiting to go into the Relief Society room. They started saying how cute and beautiful Tori looked and she ate it up. Tori isn't the smiliest little girl in the world (especially if she doesn't know you well) but apparently all you have to do is tell her she looks pretty to get a big smile out of her. Who knew it was that easy?
I usually don't put Tori and Ella in dresses that match exactly but I just couldn't resist matching Christmas dresses.So hard to get a good picture of three little kids at once.


Theresa said...

cute! love it!

Unknown said...

They look too cute! I love the girls' dresses. And that suit on Landon is awesome!!

You're group shot turned out MUCH better than ours! I'm impressed!!

Blissful & Domestic said...

Oh my goodness they all look so adorable!

Loupe and Aaron said...

So cute. I have decided sweater vests on little boys are my absolute favorite. And, the girls' dresses are, of course, adorable.