Monday, June 27, 2011

Curly Hair

Having two little girls I have had to learn a thing or two about doing hair. And Tori and Ella are interesting because they pretty much are opposites in the hair department. Tori's hair came in pretty early, grows fast, is decently thick, and is stick straight. Ella on the other hand has hair that takes forever to grow, is very thin, and is curly. I have learned that what works for one girl usually does not work for the other and that both hair types have  pros and cons.
One of the cons of Tori's hair is that it will not stay curled. Every Sunday morning I get out the curling iron and curl her hair, and every Sunday the curls are gone before we even get to church. I have tried tons of different products but nothing gets those curls to stay put.
The other day I was surfing the we when I came across this tutorial on how to get heat free curls. I was a little skeptical because in my experience  heat free curling methods usually yield poodle curls, but these curls turned out beautifully!

Super cute right?
Here are a few tips: 
First of all I used a much thicker band then what the girl used in the tutorial, I don't know if it made a difference but I like the way Tori's hair turned out the with the thick band. Here is what I used:
-The girl in the tutorial said that if you have thinner hair not to put anything in it to dampen your hair before you start because it won't be dry in the morning. I thought that was little silly because thinner hair will dry faster then thick hair so I did take a spray bottle and dampen Tori's hair a little before I started. I just sprayed the water on my hands a few times and ran my hands through her hair. Her hair was dry in the morning.
 Other then those two things I just followed the instructions from the video. Let me know if any of you try this out, and if you want post pictures, I'd love to see others results!


Theresa said...

that looks cool and not terribly uncomfortable to sleep in either. This is very similar to doing rags only with more calculated curl direction. Her hair looks beautiful. good job. :)

Unknown said...

It's so funny that you posted this. Anisha just emailed me this tutorial because it changed her life! Tori is cute as always.

Sarah said...

I love your blog! You are such a talented photographer! And it doesn't hurt that your kids are darling too!

The Watts said...

Wow it looks like Tori's hair is getting dark and long!

Me said...

i am a believer!thanks:)