Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tori Graduates!

This Wednesday Tori had her Preschool graduation. I can't believe that my little Tori is going to be headed to Kindergarten this fall. It seems like we were just attending Landon's Preschool Graduation Where does the time go? Tori's preschool teacher put on a really cute program for the graduation. The kids sang some songs, they got awards and their diplomas, there was a slide show, and then  there was cake and punch for everyone. 

Tori was so excited about graduation!

Tori is by far the smallest kid in her class, but she has some really big boys in her class. She was sitting by the biggest kid in her class and I thought it was kinda funny to see the size difference.

Tori was awesome on the rhythm sticks. We were really impressed, but not too surprised, she is our most musical child. 

We love Miss Debbie. I am thinking of kidnapping her and taking her with us when we move :).

Every year they make these cute t-shirts for the preK class. When we got home Landon had to find his and wear it to bed.

Can you find Tori? Apparently she also drew the picture of Miss Debbie.

Here is a video of one of the songs that the kids did, sorry the quality isn't great and it is sideways (oops), I took the video on my phone.

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Theresa said...

where are you guys moving to and when!? Good job Tori! She's so cute!