Saturday, June 02, 2012

Happy 2 years Levi!

Today my baby turns 2!!
Newborn Levi
Photo by Lillian 

2 months old

6 months old

1 year old

18 months old

2 years old!!!

I am so in love with this kid! We all are. Lately I have been reminded what a blessing my children are, and today I am especially grateful that this little boy is my son. I just wish he could stay little a little while longer...
Here is some info about my little 2 year old...
1.  Levi is learning to communicate well but he doesn't have a lot of words yet.
2. He is very into letters. Throughout the day he will bring me various foam bath letters and he will practice making each letters sound. He isn't very accurate matching up the letters with their correct sounds but that will come in time.
 3. Levi LOVES babies, they make him giddy. He especially loves his baby cousin Sammie (a little too much at times, sorry Sam!) It almost makes me want another child because he would be such a fantastic older brother (the key word here being almost).
4. He is definitely a 2 year old, over the past few months he has picked up the two year defiance, and he definitely has the 2 year old tantrum figured out.
5. Like his sister Ella, his hair is taking its sweet time coming in. Oh well. The kid is cute anyway, I mean look at him.
6. Levi loves cars and balls like most other boys his age, but he  likes to rock his sisters shoes and necklaces every so often too .
7. Levi loves his siblings , and they think he is pretty great too. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful, sweet kids who love each other so much and play together so well.
Happy Birthday Levi, I am so glad that you are mine!


Ariane said...

I'm sad that he's two! I mean, he's the cutest kid, but why do our babies have to grow up!?! He and Sammie need to stay babies always. Sad.

However, happy birthday Levi! We love you!

Joe said...

He is so very handsome!!!! Happy Bday Levi!! Love you!