Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Crafty

I really like to do crafty creative things. I don't think I am very creative in and of myself but I sure do like to copy other peoples ideas. Here are some "crafty" things I have been doing lately:
1.Lately I have really felt that having Family Home Evening is really important. Now most of you are probably thinking "Well duh" but in the past I have struggled with getting motivated to plan lessons and activities for my family. So I made a goal to have FHE every week and so far it has been working out really well. I found this blog that has a lot of easy, fun ideas for families with young children. I am really glad that I started doing FHE every Monday because Landon and Tori love it. Throughout the week Landon will ask to have Family Home Evening and/or Family Home Evening treat. It makes me so happy to see him excited about spending time together as a family and learning about the gospel. Anyway this Monday I decided to get fancy when making our FHE treat. I decided to make a Halloween graveyard. It turned out really cute and it was super easy, also the kids loved it!
2. A little while ago a girl in my ward started up a playgroup on Wednesday mornings. The kids get together and play while us Mom's work on making Christmas cards or other crafts. Since I plan on making my Christmas cards on the computer I decided to work on making little hair barrettes for Tori. I only got three done this week but I think they turned out really cute!(and they were SO easy to make)
This is not the greatest picture but here is one of the barrettes in Tori's hair


Jen said...

That cake is so cute, and so are the hair clips! I'm totally impressed. And good job trying hard to have FHE. That's one of those sacrifices that is absolutely worth it (as you've already seen).

Did the cake taste as good as it looked?

The Watts said...

Wow, your graveyard is way better then any one that I have ever cute! The hair clips turned out cute too, I am sure you are happy to have Tori's hair long enough to do more with it, she is soooo cute and funny!

Unknown said...

that graveyard is adorable!! congrats on FHE too!!

Lillian said...

sheesh I need to start going again! I feel so left out that I haven't been at the play group making cute hair clips like you:) I'll be there on Wednesday!

Blissful & Domestic said...

Hey can you tell me what blog it is that has all the fhe ideas. I so struggle with being motivated to do FHE since Jason is away but know I need to be better at it.