Friday, June 05, 2009

My Baby is 1!!!!

Ella turns one year old today. Has it really already been a year since she came into our lives? Looking back to a year ago I remember the fear, excitement, and love I felt when I had her. I feared what having a child would mean for my other kids, especially Tori who was just over a year old, excitement in seeing my baby for the first time, and the instant, absolute love that a mother has for her child. The news that I was pregnant with Ella came as a bit of surprise to us. We had planned to space our children out a little bit more then 13 months but knowing what I know now I wouldn't change a thing about when Ella joined our family. Ella adds so much joy to our lives. She is beautiful, funny, and full of personality. She adores her older siblings and they adore her. She is just a perfect fit into our family and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Ella!
Ella at One is:
-not walking but can stand for short periods of time on her own. I am completely OK with this. I know the walking will come soon and I think that walking is the first real sign that your baby is no longer a baby. I am OK with Ella staying a baby for a while longer.
- such a happy girl.
- not talking at all but sometimes I think I hear words in her babbling. She can wave and she attempts to play peek-a-boo.
-no longer taking a bottle, as of Tuesday.
- is beautiful. Still very bald (as you can see) but she is so cute it doesn't matter that she is lacking in the hair area.
- is so sweet and easy going....most of the time, she is also a bit of a drama queen. This makes me super nervous for her two year old stage, and teenage years for that matter ;).

* To see more of Ella's adorable 1 year old pictures visit my friend Lillian's Photog Blog. She did an AMAZING job with these pictures and I am so glad she took them for me! Thanks again Lillian, you are the best!!*
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Lillian said...

She's such a sweetheart! Happy birthday sweet Ella! Thanks for being my Ella's best friend:) We sure love you.

The KGB Family said...

All of your kids are so beautiful :) wish they could be around to play. Love your blog. Happy birthday cute girl.

Shayla said...

what a great collage. and what a great girl!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Ella! She's such a doll, I'm so glad that we got to spend time with you guys and that I finally got to meet her!

Blissful & Domestic said...

I can't believe she is already a year. Just be viewing your blog that seems to have gone by very fast. She is absolutely beautiful and looks a lot like tori. You make all the hair bows right? I do hair bows but not as many flowers your blog always inspires me to have Libby wear more flowers in her hair

The Watts said...

She is so cute, she reminds me the most of my babies, of course that is probably the baldness, but still she is adorable....Happy Birthday Ella....Grandma and Grandpa love you!

BDN said...

Happy late birthday Ella!!

Diane Ripplinger, Gregg Ripplinger said...

I love the tender words about your baby and other children---it brought back sweet memories. You are good at this mother thing!!