Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bike Riding

Landon learned how to ride a bike (with training wheels) while we were down in Vegas so Jared's Dad sent us home with some money to get Landon his first bike. A few weeks ago for FHE we decided to take his bike out for a ride. We had a lot of fun and Landon loves his new bike!

Tori got a chance to "ride" the bike, and this did not make Landon very happy. Tori sure did enjoy it though.
Tori spent the majority of her time running after Landon and picking "flowers"

I like this picture because you can see her dimple really well.
Ella was happy to just sit and watch Landon and Tori.
A couple days after our fun bike riding FHE I took the kids to the park and we brought along Landon's bike. I don't think I was thinking straight because I didn't think twice about letting Landon ride down a big hill to the play area. I realized my mistake a little too late when Landon started crying out in terror because he was going too fast. He would have been fine but he made a super sharp turn when he reached a lap post at the bottom of the hill . The next thing I know I see his little body fly off the front of his bike. I was close enough to the bottom of the hill at this point that I let go of the stroller and ran to Landon who was in hysterics. Thankfully he only received a few scrapes from the ordeal but ever since then he has taken his bike rides very slowly.


Theresa said...

yay for landon being a super big boy! and ahh that is too bad about the hill,.. he will know to be cautious I guess.... I still to this day ride my breaks going down any kind of decline,.. hahaha. :)

Ellsworth Family said...

He looks sooo good big on his bike, oh and I love to see him wearing his first!!! I also love the outfit Tori is wearing she looks super cute!!

Unknown said...

Landon looks so big riding his bike! Wow! Tori and Ella are darling as always. I love Tori's outfit. Josie has one like it that I hope she'll fit into when we get back from Vegas. So cute!

The Watts said...

That sounds so fun, I am sorry to hear about the hill mis-hap just hearing about it makes my heart skip a beat worrying about him. Looks like Tori is ready for a bike of her own, do I need to send money?

BDN said...

HAHA. Man! Poor Landon!! :(

Love the pictures!