Saturday, March 01, 2008

Goodbye Winter!

It is March and I think that by the time March rolls around winter weather should be done and over. Apparently someone doesn't agree with me as it is still cold and snowy here in Indiana but as a way to try and will the end of winter I am writing this farewell to winter post.
I don't hate snow I really don't. There are tons of fun things to do in the snow like build a snowman (see pictures below), have a snowball fight, go sledding, etc. I am just so sick of the snow! I am so ready to kiss the snow goodbye until the end of the year!

Landon was so excited to show me the snowman he and Jared made.
My boys are so cute!

Here are some pictures of the new floating shelves I put up. I have been wanting to put some shelves up to display the digital picture frame I got for Christmas and some other pictures and I finally got around to it. I really like the way it turned out.
Close up of top shelf.

Close up of bottom shelf.


eBN said...

we've got the opposite here!! It is already in the high 70s and that is the worst! (though snow is worse). Its Saturday, must I make sense?

Unknown said...

Ooh, love the shelves! That digital frame looks nice. I would like one someday!

I TOTALLY hear you about the winter thing! We are supposed to have snow storms all next week and it makes me CRAZY!!! Yuck! I am definitely ready for some nice sunny weather!

BDN said...

Truth. The snow can be bothersome after a while, in my opinion.

But these pictures of Landon and the snowman are the junt!! And I love da shelves! :)

Kim said...

The snow looks nice! I think I would let you keep it though. It has been so nice here. We are already wearing shorts!!

I love your frames. Where did you get them? Could I find them here? I would love to do those in our new house, that is when ever we get a new house!!

Ellsworth Family said...

I LOVE your shelves, I have some, but I am not able to hang them up, so I am super jealous!! Also, Jared and Landon did a great job with the snowman, it looked awesome!!

Theresa said...

i love your frames and yes,... your boys are so cute. Landon looks sooo happy and shy to show you his snowman,.. he is so cute. :) I love that look little boys get when they're excited to show you but when you look they get shy from the attention too. :) hahaha.

Kerstin said...

Kim I got the frame with Landon's pictures in it from Target and the one with Torilynn's pictures in it from Walmart so I am sure you could find them in Vegas :).

Jeremy B said...

WE had a glimspe of spring here in Ut. for a couple of days and I would let the kids ride their bike outside. But just as we were getting our hopes up that Spring was here, we had another snow storm.

Theresa said...

don't worry,... it's coming soon. I can feel it in my bones. :) too soon for me probably,.. but I am excited nevertheless.

Nicole Shelby said...

Always tricky hanging shelves!

And snow in winter? that's crazy talk. still in capris and tees here!