Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How I print my Digital Scrapbook Pages

I have had a couple people ask how I print my digital scrapbook pages , so here is my answer. I have tried two different ways of printing my pages out they are as follows:
The first way I have printed out my pages is by printing them out as 8x10 photos. I do this is by creating 8x8 digital pages and then pasting them onto a blank white 8x10 surface (or 2400x3000 pixels). Here is an example of what I send to the photo place to be printed:
After I get my prints back I just cut off the extra white space and put it in an 8x8 scrapbook (I actually have a 8.5x8.5 scrapbook right now but I just attach the digital page to card stalk and put it in my scrapbook). Printing out a bunch of 8x10 pictures can get a little pricey but I know that Sam's Club prints them for a little less then $1.50 each and I found a place called http://www.artscow.com/ that will print them for less then $0.50 each. Nice! Here are some examples of what my pages look like when I print them out this way:

The other way I have discovered I can print out my pages is by making an 8x8 photobook. A lot of online photo places are offering these now days. All you do is upload your digital pages onto the website of whatever photo place you decide to use (I used that artscow website I mentioned above, they have some killer deals for new customers)and arrange them in your book however you'd like. Here are some examples of the pages I printed in a photo book:

Here is the cover
The Title page
Here is a picture that compares the scrapbook to the photobook: I really like the look of both of these methods and I would recommend either way.

So that is how I print out my digital scrapbook pages. I hope this helped someone out there out :).


The Watts said...

Thanks Kersin, you probably was just waiting for me to ask, so it is nice to have the question answered before I get a chance to ask!

Theresa said...

thanks pal for posting this for me. the pictures help. I really like how the cover turns out this way. nice. :)

Unknown said...

Holy cow! Seriously, you need to do my scrapbooking for me! Justin and I will pay you in medical procedures (you want botox?)! You are so talented, the book and the album look great (although, personally, I think I like the album better). It's awesome!

Blissful & Domestic said...

thank you thank you I have just recently really gotten into digital scrapbooking and I was wondering what to do about finally printing them out. You always make cute pages where do you gets your stuff?

Anonymous said...

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