Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love Fall!!

OK so you all are probably thinking that this is going to be a post about how much I love Fall and the changing leaves and Halloween, and all that stuff . Maybe you are thinking I have some cute Fall pictures of the kids too post, but its not and I don't (don't worry I am sure I will have some of those in the future). I love Fall because it means that my favorite TV shows start up with new episodes. So here is my list of shows that I am excited to see back.

1. Heroes is my Monday night show. I originally started watching this show because it had "Jess" from Gilmore Girls in it, I continued watching because it is a great show. I am not big on the whole super hero thing, in fact I haven't even seen like the last 4 Batman movies but for some reason I really enjoy this super hero show. Jared will also watch it with me so that is an added bonus. I am also a little embarrassed to admit that my other Monday night TV show is One Tree Hill. I know anyone over the age of like 16 should not watch or like this show but during the writers strike nothing was on and I got pulled in. Oh well we are all allowed guilty pleasures.
2. My Tuesday Night Show is The Biggest Loser. This is one of my favorite reality TV shows. I just really like seeing what the people look like after they lose all that weight. I don't love this show so much that I am sad if I miss an episode but when I don't have anything else going on it is nice to settle down and watch this after I put my kids down to bed.

3. Another one of my Writers Strike finds was "Friday Night Lights" I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and I was really sad that to find out that it was going to be cancelled at the end of last season. Well we all lucked out and they changed there mind. They will be showing "Friday Night Lights" on the Direct TV 101 this fall on Wednesday nights and then reshowing the same episodes for everyone who doesn't have Direct TV on NBC in the Winter. I highly recommend this show for anyone who hasn't seen it, I don't think you will be disappointed. ( I think you can watch seasons one and two on
4. You all probably know by now how much I adore The Office. It is seriously my all time favorite show and I can watch it over and over and it never stops being funny to me. I am so excited for the new season to start this Thursday I can hardly contain myself.
So this is my list of weekly shows. I know some of you probably think I am pathetic but what can I say I love TV. So what will all of you be watching? Is there anything that you love that you think I should add to my weekly TV schedule?


eBN said...

We cut most of our shows. We watch Biggest Loser, House, and The Office. That is all. We watch Project Runway, American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance when they are on.

Norby Family said...

We LOVE Heroes too! We originally got the first season on Netflix and Joe and I were hooked. Joe doesn't find too many shows that he loves, but this is one. We also love The Office, although seeing Dwight's naked back at the end of last season may have ruined me forever.

Cynthia said...

haha This is great!I really want to start watching the Biggest Loser too. It looks super interesting. Our scale has the biggest loser logo on it. It's pretty funny. I also am super excited about the office starting!... oh, and as for some of my favorite shows... You may already like them... Disney Channel! haha :)

Shayla said...

Brent and I just started watching Biggest Loser this season. It's pretty motivating! Heroes is a little too weird for me. But you can never go wrong with The Office!! And as ebn already mentioned, we also watch House each week. And I personally enjoy watching Dateline NBC and 48 Hours Mystery on the weekends. I think that's it. Oh...and I watch Little Einsteins with Brighton in the morning!