Monday, November 26, 2007

My Favorite Little Kid's Shows

I decided to start off my lists of favorite things with the list of my favorite children’s TV shows. As a mother of an almost three year old I watch a lot of toddler programming. While many of these shows drive me a little crazy there are some that I actually do enjoy.

5. Blues Clues. Blues Clues is not a new show to me, I remember being in high school and watching episodes with my little brothers. My one problem with Blues Clues now days is that they have replaced Steve with Joe. I really can not stand Joe, long live Steve!
4. Mickey Mouse Club House. This one makes my list because it is Landon’s absolute favorite show. He gets so excited when it comes on and it is fun watching him watch it.
3. The Backyardigans. This show has some really catchy songs and dances. Plus you can’t go wrong with a character named Uniqua.
2. The Wonder Pets. This one just makes me laugh. I especially love the episode when they have to help the puppy go potty.
1.Yo Gabba Gabba. Now for those of you that may have seen this show, I know it is a little creepy and I know that it is totally weird but I love it anyways. I really don’t know why this show is my favorite of all the kids’ shows but it is. I love how whenever it comes on Landon sings and dances along with all the songs.


Unknown said...

I agree that Yo Gabba Gabba is super creepy. I agree that Steve is the better human in Blue's Clues and I love the Backyardigans. Interestingly enough, the Wonder Pets episode where the puppy goes potty is the only episode my mom has ever seen. She loves it!! Hee hee!

Theresa said...

blues clues. my favorite. I agree. Long live Steve!

Christine said...

Actually, you started watching Blues Clues in middle school I think. I remember you singing the Blues Clues songs anyway. You are right, I cannot stand Yo Gaba Gaba. It freaks me out, it helps that Nathan doesn't like it much either. One of my other favorites is The Doodle Bops, again, not one of Nathan's, but he doesn't get to control the remote... yet....