Saturday, November 17, 2007


Tuesday I decided to take the kids in to get their pictures taken. It was not a fun experience. First of all my almost 3 year old is next to impossible to photograph. He never wants his picture taken, he'd rather be the one taking the picture. He did not want to hold still for his pictures and after about 5 minutes he was done. Torilynn on the other hand is almost worse. She is a very stubborn girl and only likes to smile on her terms. I'd get her to smile for a picture only to have her immediately look down at the floor. She was easily distracted by her dress or by Landon's shirt so it was not the best of experiences. Here are some of the pictures:

Landon was getting so mad because Torilynn kept trying to grab his shirt

He is done being cooperative and is done with having his picture taken

Tori kept trying to roll and grab her dress while getting her picture taken

Couldn't get both kids happy at the same time

Best we could get of both kids together

A smirk from Tori was as close to the real deal as we could get .
I really like this picture of Landon.


Unknown said...

SOOOO CUTE!!!! I love all of them!! Even the one where they are fighting! I want to get pictures of the boys so badly! This makes me really want to do it!

Laura said...

Kerstin, this is TorriLyn's mom. Your kids are soooo cute! I love the pictures because they don't look posed (especially the one of her pulling his shirt). You always dress your kids so darling.

BDN said...

Me love these junts!!

Me dunno how this blog junt works!

BDN said...

Do you think I could get these pictures at their full size? Or are these shots at their biggest?

Theresa said...

ahhhh,.. they are so cute! what do you expect from Torilynn when she's used to rolling around in just her diaper,.. of course the clothes are going to be a new and exciting thing,... what else could there be than to roll around and grab at em. hehehe. peanut butter cookies. ;)

Jodi Jean said...

they are so cute -- even if they wouldnt cooperate.

holy moley i can totally see the "nelson" in landon.