Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eat more Ice Cream!

Yesterday I took the kids to a check-up to be weighed and measured. Landon weighs 25lbs and is 34.5 inches and Tori weighs 15lbs 20z and is 25.5 inches. While Tori’s weight and height is perfect for her age, Landon is, as always, very small. At almost 3 years old he is only 10lbs heavier then his 6 month old sister. Yikes. Landon’s size used to cause me a lot of stress and worry but he is healthy, happy, smart, and adorable little boy otherwise so I have learned to let it go. The boy seriously eats like a pig; I really don’t know where it all goes. It always makes me laugh when I go to these appointments because they always tell me to feed him things like ice cream . I wish my doctor told me I needed to eat more ice cream :).


Unknown said...

I wish I was told to eat more ice cream too! Why is it always boys who are underweight!! Girls deserve it more!!! Super cute pics!

Jodi Jean said...

so adorable! i allow myself to eat ice cream everyonce in awhile. not like i used to tho ... i used to eat it daily (i guess that happens when you work at 31 flavors)

so happy you're blogging. it is such a wonderful way to stay in touch with everyone.

go eat some ice cream ... my indulgence of choice: rootbeer floats. yum!

Kerstin said...

a rootbear float sounds so good...I will have to get the stuff to make one for me...uh I mean Landon :)